Self Regional Healthcare Foundation

The Self Regional Healthcare Foundation raises money on behalf of Self Regional Healthcare, and over the past 27 years has been instrumental in supporting the growth of the health system by funding new construction and investments in technology, community outreach programs and supporting the development of current and future healthcare professionals.

Some of the initiatives the Foundation has campaigned for and funded include:

New Construction

Patient Tower – Campaigned for $10 million to help fund construction of the Patient Tower at Self Regional Medical Center. The tower helped modernize the patient rooms at the medical center and included technological advances at the bedside.

Cancer Center – Raised $7 million to help fund construction and equipment to establish the Self Regional Cancer Center which opened in 2011 and consolidated medical and supportive care services in a convenient and soothing environment.

Investments in Technology

iCT Brainsuite – Contributed to the purchase of the iCT Brainsuite, which allows intraoperative scans during surgery for the South Carolina Spine Center, which is consistently ranked in the top 10% nationally for its medical excellence in spinal fusion by Carechex.®

Wireless Medication Workstations – Purchased 55 CarePoint RN units, which dispense medication at the bedside.

Nancy Moore Thurmond Memorial Fund – Contributions through this fund help support the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Self Regional and the Childbirth Center. Annually, about 1,500 babies are born at Self Regional and about 10 percent of those infants require care in the NICU.

Community Outreach Programs

Self Regional Health Express – Raised $120,000 toward the purchase of Self Regional’s mobile health outreach unit, the Health Express, which provides health screenings, education and community outreach to residents in the Lakelands.

Camp Porcupine – Supports an annual summer camp for children with diabetes, many of whom have never attended a traditional summer camp because of their type I or type II diabetes. Camp Porcupine blends camp activities such as archery and rock-climbing with education and vital information about managing an active lifestyle with diabetes.

Farmer’s Market – Applied for and received a $250,000 community partnership grant to fund construction of a new Farmer’s Market in Uptown Greenwood. The market provides a convenient place for residents to purchase fresh and local food from area growers.

Development of Healthcare Professionals

Scholarship Programs – The foundation administers five scholarship programs designed to develop current and future healthcare professionals. The programs include:

  • Mary Ella Ruff Nursing Scholarship
  • Charlotte Blackwell Memorial Nursing Scholarship
  • M. John and Drenda Heydel Respiratory Therapy Scholarship
  • Frank Spoone Memorial Respiratory Therapy Scholarship
  • May-Magruder Laboratory Scholarship

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